In-house R&D unit of Aban Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (Biotechnology Division) is now recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.


Aban has established a state-of-the-art R&D facility in 2 acres at Thandalam outside Chennai, for conducting basic and applied research on algae. Aban’s Biotechnology lab has identified and characterized a host of elite strains of marine and fresh water algae. Apart from a fully equipped biotech lab, Aban has established a polyhouse facility housing 6 all-weather FRP lined concrete raceway ponds with a total surface area of 162 m2 and volumetric capacity of 32000L and 4 portable 1m2 FRP raceway ponds with a volumetric capacity of 800 L. This Algal Research facility is capable of producing 1.5 tons of algal biomass and 300-400 L of crude algal oil per year. Aban’s research efforts in collaboration with University of Madras have resulted in the development of advanced mass cultivation techniques for fresh and marine algal strains in open ponds. The FRP lined raceway pond system developed by Aban is unique in the world for growing marine and freshwater algae. Aban is also working on a completely purpose built, low-energy footprint, algae harvesting unit using a unique electroclarification technology.

Algae research lab


Major Equipments

Eutech pH and EC/TDS/Salinity meters
Technico Hot air oven
Shimadzu UV Vis Spectrophotometer
Hach Spectrophotometer
Remi Centrifuge
Clean Air Laminar airflow chambers
Shimadzu digital balance
Mettler Moisture meter
Olympus compound microscope
Soxhlet apparatus
Technico Muffle furnace

Algae pilot plant

500 m2 polyhouse
Four 1 m2 portable FRP raceway ponds with paddle wheel aerators
Two 1m2 concrete FRP lined raceway ponds with paddle wheel aerators
Two 10m2 concrete FRP lined raceway ponds with paddle wheel aerators
One 20 m2 concrete FRP lined raceway pond with paddle wheel
One 120 m2 concrete FRP lined raceway pond with paddle wheel

Raceway pond

3m Carbonation columns for raceway ponds
Automatic CO2 based Raceway pond pH controllers
Filter press
1 m3 anaerobic digestion unit




Environmental biotechnology with major focus on developing commercial-scale technologies for production of

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